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China is now one of world’s top tourist destinations so why not cash in on the boom! You can offer your customers the chance to experience China’s unique history and culture at the Great Wall or the Terracotta Warriors or learn more about the traditions in the deeply religious Tibet. offers more than 400 tours provided by one of China’s most respected tour providers Your customers will receive professional service from a team of dedicated travel advisors who will design the best trip possible. A private guide will ensure that the customer get the service as promised. You can go to Products Selection page to select Tours and our other products.

Yangtze River Cruise

The Yangtze River is one of the cradles of ancient Chinese cultures. There are many classic attractions here: Fengdu Gost City, Bai Di City, Three Gorges Dam and Small Gorges etc. All of the cruise ships are rated at 4-star or 5-star in a great price. Every cruise prepared with delicious food, welcome party and Taihi teacher. Customers can learn Taichi while appreciate the spectacular scenery!


Our catalogue of more that 500 China hotels from 5-stars to guesthouses, means that your customers will always find a hotel that fits their requirements. And they can choose to pay at reception or in advance. You can go to Products Selection page to select Hotels and our other products.


We provide the most comprehensive information on flight schedules, seat availability and discount fares for China Domestic Flights with our user friendly search engine.

We provide reliable information and friendly prompt service for your China Flights. Booking China domestic flights just for a few clicks. You can go to Products Selection page to select Flights and our other products.

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