Terms and Conditons

To join our affiliate programs you must agree to the following terms and conditions. We may update the "terms and conditions" without prior notice to you, but we will inform you of any updated terms and conditions by email. If you disagree with any changes to the Terms and Conditions, you have the right to leave the affiliate programs with your commission up to that date intact, provided you give us written notice by email.


All the materials supplied by chinatravelpro.com, including, without limitation, texts, graphics, search engines and XML are owned by CITS Guilin. No other organizations or individuals are allowed to claim ownership, copy, reverse engineer or alter the materials in any way. We reserve the right to amend all affiliate materials without prior notice to you, but we will inform you of any changes to the materials by email.

Your Rights and Responsibility

A. Your Rights

1. You have the right to use our graphics, search engines and XML as part of your websites once you join a China Travel Pro affiliate program.

2. You will get a commission from us in two ways, which will be paid on a monthly basis provided US$100 is accrued.

3. We promise we will keep your personal information and commissions data confidential.

Your responsibilities

1. Our affiliate programs are based on honest cooperation. We reserve the right to annul the cooperation and refuse to pay commissions if we find that an affiliate partner is in violation of these terms and conditions, in detail or in spirit.

2. You must keep your China Travel Pro account details and the financial details of your commission confidential.

Termination of Cooperation

Affiliate cooperation may be terminated by removing all affiliate materials from all associated websites. China Travel Pro may terminate the cooperation by stopping payments to an affiliate account.

In the event of a mutually agreed termination of cooperation (with no violation on the part of both parties), there should be a period of 90 days notice, during which time commissions generated after the termination will also be paid to our partners, and at the end of which the final payment will be made.


You will get a commission in two ways:

Pay By Orders – You will get a commission by the number of valid enquiries made by visitors coming from your website. A valid enquiry (a valid order needn’t be a paid order) should be our travel products. When One enquiry of travel products of CTP happen, we will pay you $5 for each valid tour or cruise inquiry, and $1 for each valid flight ticket or hotel inquiry. A valid inquiry must have the following characteristics: 1). A valid email address. 2). An inquiry must be for a China tour, Yangtze River cruise, Domestic flight or hotel Booking. 3). The date of the service should be at least one day in advance of the booking date. 4). Duplicate emails will be counted for only one inquiry.

Pay By Sales: – You will get a commission if visitors coming from your website to buy our products. When a successful sale of travel products of CTP happen, we will pay you a commission of 5%. A successful sale must come from a unique IP address in one day and should be confirmed by our travel advisor.

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